Pricing Plans

If you have short and rare eyelashes then eyelash extension is what you need. You can
see the result of our work in the gallery.

1 artificial one is superimposed on each of its eyelashes.
Duration 1.5-2 hours

On each of their eyelashes 2 artificial ones are superimposed.
Duration 2-2.5 hours

3-5 artificial ones are applied to each of their eyelashes.
Duration 2-2.5 hours

4 artificial ones are superimposed on each of its eyelashes.
Duration 2.5 hours

Over each eyelash superimposed more than 5 artificial.
Duration 3 hours

Eyelashes are brown in color, which add sophistication to the look.
Duration 2-2.5 hours

Removal of cilia without subsequent eyelash extensions
or after another wizard. Duration 15 min

Зrocedure that extends, curls and strengthens the structure of
eyelashes. Duration 1 hour

Meet Our Studio

Facial contour correction is a procedure for introducing fillers based on natural hyaluronic acid (fillers), which fill wrinkles and folds and / or fill lips and cheekbones, creating a clear line of oval face.

This is one of the most popular services, with no age restrictions.

working Hours


09:00 – 4:00


09:00 – 4:00


10:00 – 2:00



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